91811517d50057a8388aac99_1920The Moss family is certainly excited about going to Florida.  The non-profit group, Pastors R&R, has graciously provided us with a vacation home to stay in.  It is in Deltona, FL near Orlando.  A local car dealer, Matthews Motors, in Mansfield has graciously donated a rental van for us to drive down, a brand new Dodge Town & Country… we feel so spoiled!

My wife, the coupon shopper, will certainly pack up plenty of groceries so we will eat good while there.  But even though we have a house, food and a van to get there you know there will be plenty of other added expenses… like gasoline for one!

As you might recall when the children of Israel left Egypt on their trip across the desert there were no sick among them and the Egyptians, their enemies, loaded them down with gold and jewels!  So we should expect no less from our Father today…  He is the same yesterday and today!  But we don’t know any Egyptians, so we decided we would simply pass the plate around and give our friends the opportunity to help.

We are calling it our Florida or Bust fundraiser and we would love to have your help. You can use the PayPal link below and donate with your credit card, or PayPal… Or you can mail something in… either way I know our Lord will bless you back abundantly!

Thanks! and many blessings to your family too!



You can mail gifts to:

Moss Family c/o
His Thousand Hills Ministry, Inc.
458 Phippen Rd.
Wellsboro, PA 16901