Christian camps need not be predictable. With a bit of imagination and the right resources at hand, you can make your next Pennsylvania Christian camp memorable for everyone. Think of a theme that will interest your target participants and make that theme compatible with the topics that will be discussed throughout the event.

Christian Camp

An excerpt from an article cites a few pointers on formulating your Christian camp themes:

“Before camp, brainstorm service projects that campers can carry out on campus and in the community. You might consider street cleanups, care package shipments to needy schools around the world or maintenance projects at camp. When campers arrive, have counselors speak with them about the importance of using God-given talents, strengths and abilities to serve others.

At a Christian camp, you can teach children gratitude by focusing on things they take for granted. You might hold a world hunger dinner at which each table represents a country and is served the amount of food a citizen of that country might eat; this is a powerful visual representation when children realize the relative bounty of their own tables. Campers might brainstorm things they are thankful for, and counselors can work with them on being grateful and overcoming the urge to complain.”

Using multimedia

Many people are visual learners so it’s always a great idea to incorporate videos in your presentation. Your videos, as with your camp activities and plays, should help represent the event’s theme, as well as reinforce many of the points and lessons you intend to drive home. You can either download videos online, or, for uniqueness and a bit more originality, you may create your own.

There are times when you feel consumed by worldly duties and concerns, and sometimes, the best way to deal with those moments is to step back and withdraw socially. However, there are times, too, when it feels best to be among like-minded people in a more relaxing, and spiritually-inspired setting. You may begin by checking out retreats or popular Christian camps in PA, like those offered in His Thousand Hills Christian Camp and Retreat Center. In these settings, you can feel renewed enough to take life less seriously, and believe that life is best enjoyed among people who will support you and not judge you.

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