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Christian Camps & Retreats in PA

Welcome to His Thousand Hills

Christian Camp and Retreat Center

His Thousand Hills is one of the leading Christian Retreat Centers in Pennsylvania offering beautiful surroundings and bountiful activities. If your group is searching for a relaxing, adventurous, or uplifting retreat, we are pleased to provide our facilities. Right next door to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon you will not find a more beautiful location for your retreat. In addition to providing life changing Christian retreats, we also offer the perfect venue for Christian summer camps. Each Christian camp is organized according to the needs of the group and is aimed at bringing  each member closer to God.

Unforgettable Christian Summer Camps

If you are looking for a Christian camp that will really make a difference in the life of your youth, there is no better choice than HTH. We have Christian camps for teenagers and juniors, with financial aid services available. The HTH teen camp is for ages 13 to 18 and provides an enriching environment and engaging activities aimed at helping your teenager develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. For our youth camp, it is a very special experience for ages 7 to 12. Along with the traditional joys of camp, there is a wonderful community who is dedicated to sharing the gospel with our youth.

Peaceful Retreat Center

Our peaceful and serene retreat center brings everyone closer to nature and to God. The beautiful mountain views and wonderful sense of calm allows our visitors to relax hear from their Creator. It is not that the Lord speaks louder, or is more real at His Thousand Hills, but when you remove all the distractions of peers, work, school... and "life" in general... you can certainly hear Him more clearly and make a real connection. If you are considering the perfect location for your next retreat, we invite you to visit His Thousand Hills.

Contact us for more information about our camp and retreat center in Wellsboro, PA. Call us at 570-724-2366.

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