What is there to do at His Thousand Hills?

Most groups love to use their time here in worship and fellowship with their Heavenly Father and when they are not busy doing that we have lots of other activities for them too.

Our pond is fun for swimming, canoeing or fishing.  It is a spring fed pond so the water is very clear and our guest enjoy jumping off the dock and making a big splash.

The pond is stocked with bluegill and large mouth bass and they are extremely fun to catch.  There is nothing like the excitement you will feel when you hook into one of these fish.  Most of the bass are in the 12 to 20 inch range.  Our pond is licensed by the state so our guest do not need a fishing license to enjoy a day of fishing.

HTH camp 107


How about a refreshing slide down the hill! So much fun with a piece of plastic!

so much fun with a piece of plastic!

Make wild dives for the ball and land on soft sand…
Volley ball in the sand

GaGa Ball is a huge hit and a camper favorite… you have to move fast!


HTH Summer Camp 2012 Day 4 005

Adventure on the High Ropes….

I can fly! I can fly!



or just relaxing…
HTH Summer Camp 2012 Day 4 004

How about FuzzBall with real people…
HTH Summer Camp Day 3 2012 033
You don’t need to be Robin Hood to have fun with archery…
HTH Teen Camp 2012 001

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