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Christian Camps & Retreats in PA

Christian Camps...

There are truly few things that can impact the lives of children and youth in the way that Christian Camps do. There are many Christian Retreat Centers and summer camps in Pennsylvania ranging from as far north as Wellsboro, PA to as far south as Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

The basics of Christian Camping remain the same as they were when you or I were packing our suitcases and heading off to a Christian Retreat Center or summer camp in Pennsylvania for a week of children's summer camp. Cabins full of peers, late night chats and sing-alongs around the campfire, a daily swim in a pool, pond or lake, three meals in the dining hall and a snack shop full of a child's dream of endless rows of sodas, candy bars and ice cream sandwiches. Don't forget the postcards from home!

Although those are WONDERFUL components of a Christian Camp, there is even a greater component which makes going to Christian Camps life changing! The Gospel! At Christian Retreat Centers and Christian Camps, lives are changed for eternity through the introduction of the gospel, sometimes for the first time in a child's life.

At His Thousand Hills, we seek to provide campers with the absolute best accommodations from lodging to meals. It has been said that our His Thousand Hills has revolutionized camp cooking and it is so wonderful, it does not even fall under typical camp food standards! Why is this an important aspect of Christian Camping? Because parents want to make sure their children are getting well balanced meals when they are away from home for the week! They want to know that they are not living on a carb filled diet of mac and cheese and hotdogs! We strive to meet the growing needs of special diets at our camp as well. From peanut allergies to gluten intolerance, we strive to accommodate everyone.

There are so many "distractions" pulling for the attention and time of our youth of today. Jobs, friends, social media, video games etc., it is no wonder what type of impact a week at a Christian Camp can make on the youth of today's generation.

In our years of youth ministry, we have often compared stories with other youth leaders about effective ministry to their youth, and most often it boils down to Christian Camping! Why? It is not that the Lord speaks louder or is more real at a Christian Camp, but youth, minus all the distractions of peers, peer pressure and "life" in general, they can hear Him more easily. They can make a real connection in a setting like a Christian Camp.
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